Web Design

Why some businesses are more successful than others? Some ascribe it to luck. The question of luck is debatable, but one thing is certain, businesses face intense competition today and need to be different in approach if they were to catch the attention of customers. This means offering much more than the attractive window dressing, occasional advertising, price cuts and special deals. The digital age has offered tremendous potential for businesses to market their goods on a global scale with an effective website.

You will find strong visual messages, clear navigation and imagery that meet your goals and give your audience what they want. We are experts at designing large amounts of information into a well-thought-out design with strong visual appeal. Good design makes the complex appear simple.

Web Development

You might think code is code, right? Well, not exactly… properly coded websites will be quick-loading, table-less, and rewarded by search engines. Take it another development level up, and you have pages that can be responsive to handheld devices and screen size. HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery have furthered the options in coding from transition effects, sliding movements, and anchored elements. You can count on web cylinder to build websites the right way—clean, responsive, and using the latest in technology.


Award-winning design and smart, engaging content only help your website succeed if your prospects and customers can find you. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are still major drivers of website traffic and it's important that your site is optimized to appear in appropriate search results. We make sure your website adheres to the best coding practices and integrates smart SEO techniques. Our content writers keep SEO in mind and include your targeted keywords naturally into your messages. Even our Content Management System was designed with search engine optimization in mind. It is important to remember that search engines have no guarantee and ever-changing algorithms, not to mention your competitors' efforts to achieve higher rankings. Your search engine optimization plan will require a continual effort to reach and maintain your status. If you want your site to rank, webcylinder has a proven record you can count on.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Pinterest are examples of social media that are taking on significant influence with their users. People use social media to connect and share information on a personal and professional level. If you don't have a presence on those services, it's time to investigate the best fit for your organization and audience. If you do have a presence on those services, it's time to make sure they are part of a larger Internet strategic plan.

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